Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraging Bibi Netanyahu's speech (in 1988).

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Not everyday an Israili politician gives a speech that makes one feel proud to be Jewish.
He quoted the Megilas Ester, Mosher Rabenu and said that Israel is not afraid to stand alone if it has to.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Does the Rebbe want us to identify him as the final Moshiach?

This is from Sichos In English; Many people use the event of chassidim singing Chaeiley Adonenu Moshiach Zidkeinu to prove that the Rebbe did not want us to identify him as the Moshiach. This beautiful analysis shows that quite the opposite is rally true.

What is the Rebbe's position on identifying him as Moshiach?

         Rabbi Even Yisroel on p. 197-98 cites a  farbrengen from 1991 when the chassidim sang a song identifying the Rebbe as Moshiach, to support his assertion that the Rebbe 'tried to quash all speculation' about his 'Messianic role.'  The author writes that the Rebbe “stopped them quickly and said 'I cannot leave here now, but after hearing such a claim I should leave this room as a protest.'”  (It should be noted that the word ‘protest’ as translated by the author does not appear in the original Yiddish and is an error.) The author neglected to mention that at a 1984 farbrengen when a similar song was song, the Rebbe said that the focus on the identify of Moshiach detracts from the work of bringing Moshiach. To understand the error of Rabbi Even Yisroel, it is necessary to explore these 2 farbrengens.  The 1991 sicha was completely different than the one in 1984. In 1984, the Rebbe was screaming that the publicizing of the Rebbe as Moshiach goes against and stands in the way of spreading Chassidus and pushes people away.  He spoke with a lot of pain and harshness.  Conversely, in the sicha of 1991, the Rebbe did not utter one word in that vein. In fact, the Rebbe was smiling and spoke just a few words in a quiet voice when he said  'you sing this song with these words while I sit here by the table.  . .   I should have walked out. But I won't. . ' There are 2 reasons which were given by the Rebbe which were  left out of the book. The first reason is that 'it is not going to help anyway. The Chassidim are going to continue saying what they are saying.'   The Rebbe smiled when he said that.   Unlike in 1984, there was no anger or talk about  destruction. And the second reason the Rebbe gives is 'I don't want to disturb the sheves achim gam yachad.' It is a farbrengen, there is unity among chassidim. He didn't want to do anything that is going to disturb that unity.   The book did not point out that he most certainly did not say it is wrong, terrible,  or destructive to identify the Rebbe as Moshiach. There was not one word of that nature. All he said is he should have walked out. Because if he is remaining to sit at a public farbrengen while a song identifies him as Moshiach, he is  publicly admitting he agrees with its content. At that time, the Rebbe did not publicly acknowledge this. In other words, it wasn't the time yet for the Rebbe to be publicly acknowledge this. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

President Bush's warning.

Remember how God would speak to George W Bush?
The TV lady is not the most tzneus so I'll just put a link and viewer discretion is advised.
http://youtu.be/KFg4qnuZP0Y in case the YouTube link breaks one day; http://video.foxnews.com/v/3768333397001/president-george-w-bushs-chilling-warning-on-iraq-in-2007/#sp=show-clips

thanks Megan has attracted new Terrence earned at home and overseas we are
reminded mornings we heard
back in 2007 america's fighting the Iraq war
president bush I just ordered US troops to surge iraq
and critics were demanding that the US withdraw the troops when president bush
issued this frighteningly accurate as it turned out
assessment what would happen if we did that I know some in Washington would
like to start leaving
iraq now begin withdrawing before commanders tell us we're ready
would be dangerous for iraq
for the region and for the United States
with me surrender in the future about a rack to al Qaeda
it mean that we be risking mass killings on a horrific scale
it would mean we allow the tears to establish a safe haven in Iraq to
the when they lost in Afghanistan mean the increasing the probability that
american troops would have to return at some later date
to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous while
mark teason is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and he was
president bush's chief speechwriter at the time
he wrote that statement you just heard how
Erie I mean its point by point
by point what we are seeing today Mark every single thing
that President Bush said there in that statement is happening today
Obama did withdraw our troops before the commanders on the ground said that we
were ready to do so general awesome want to keep twenty four thousand troops in
Obama 120 President Bush said that if we did that they will be mass killings on a
horrific scale what are we seeing
mass killings on a horrific scale executions women and children being
buried alive
crucifixion beheadings an American journalist President Bush said that if
withdrew before before I we did that we were ready than they would be okay with
this applique
al Qaeda in Iraq which is now I says would establish a safe haven
they now control a swath of territory the size of Belgium
all these predictions come true and of course we're back there right now all
that was enough
strikes that was the one that american troops that that that they would
increase the probability that american troops would have to return at some
later date
to confront an enemy that is even more
dangerous that it was never you know
the defenders the administration said look it's it's not that they enjoy a war
or that they want to keep shedding American blood
on on at in a bit this soil in Iraq it's that
we don't have to come back here we've done a lot and we wanna hold onto the
gains we've had
that's exactly right and let's keep in mind
that president but this was during the course of the 2007 surge
when everyone was saying the search can work we have to withdraw now and he
really upset about working at the Iraq war was lost
absolutely and a hillary clinton opposed it because she didn't want to lose the
presidential primary in Iowa
so everyone was out there for political purposes saying let's but draw now and
accept defeat and president bush laid out the consequences a defeat and he
stuck with it
the surge worked against a against Ivory protection the experts and al Qaeda in
ices was defeated they were defeated militarily they were driven from their
safe havens and they were defeated
ideologically because the SUNY masses joined American to drive them out when
they were trying to light grey listening masses to drive us on a Saturday because
President Obama just yesterday in addressing
this mess that we're looking at over there seem to put the blame
on the bush administration here yet because what's happened
in the vacuum other Syria as well as
the battle-hardened elements
and my sis that grew out of al Qaeda in Iraq during the course of the Iraq war
it's gonna take time for us to be able to roll them back
about that I he needs to have a little discussion Hillary Clinton
hillary clinton's the one who said that the back in Syria was caused by him
doing nothing
which allowed the hottest the filler and look he I'll Qaeda in Iraq
I sis was defeated when he took office we had our booth on their necks
they added that they had been defeated and what he did is he withdrew
all of our forces which allowed them to regroup and reconstitute itself they
moved into Syria member present busch said that the chaos it spread to other
parts the world
and that's exactly what happened they use that as a recruiting area from which
you get she had a small over the world and they entered into a rock again
and that he was being brief for a year on this threat he saw it coming and did
so he's got nobody to blame but himself for this in for the castle were saying
iraq to
it's unbelievable to listen to that that sound bite from George W Bush market to
see tonight

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

In case you needed a reason to dislike the New York Times

I guess besides the fact that they are anti God and anti Jewish.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Impossibility of it All.

I'm going to complain a bit. And why shouldn't I? Not everything is prefect. There are many issues and challenges in the frum world, BH, we all have our stories. I want to focus on credit card debt. I believe this issue one many of us struggle with, rely upon and many times feel like we are being buried under it.
A young man and woman get married, at times with not much idea how to make a living and find themselves with a bit of wedding money and a few months to figure out a parnasa. Many times the lady will conceive a baby BH and take herself out of the workforce. Now the young man has a few years to figure out her how in the world he's going to cover not only food, rent and clothing which is no small feat in one of most expensive cities in the world to live in which is Crown Heights, BH, but also to start covering the never ending and always growing tuition. There have been plenty of articles about tuition lately so no reason to keep beating a dead horse and speak it again at this point.
There quickly comes a point when there is simply not enough cash to cover everything. Again, we are working with a single family income, usually not too much higher education and plenty of children, may they multiply further. How do you cover the deficit? Very easily, cover it with credit card debt. And why wouldn't you? Low interest rates, points to fly for free, it sounds like a great deal. It is in fact a great deal if you have the flow of money coming in every month to cover the balances. But in our case the couple took out debt to cover monthly expenses that they don't have any other way to cover otherwise. Fast forward a few years and the debt has climbed to ten, twenty or thirty grand. The monthly interest and minimum payments are a between $200 to $600 dollars and it has become impossible to keep up with maintaining the credit card debt. So the way to get out of it at this point I’ll leave for the comment section to discuss but there is no easy way out as far as I know of.
In my humble opinion I think that Jewish Schools should not accept credit cards as payment for tuition. If someone doesn’t have cash to pay for schooling that means there is not enough money to cover rent and food expenses at home and have to supplement tuition with credit card debt. Schooling is important but so is eating and having a home. This is a recipe for disaster.
There is much to say about all this but I would like to ask G-d Almighty, for who impossible doesn’t exist to bless the Jewish people with plenty of money to cover all the expenses and then some, as well as health and children. We should all see Moshiach come and take us out of golus this Elul so we can spend Rosh Hashana with Moshiach in Jerusalem.

Josh Greenstein
(Not the author’s real name)